Thursday, July 2, 2009

Doctor Who Dolls

Well, I have been away from computers for a while, which of course has given me oodles of time to work on my Doctor Who Dolls. As of right now I have Seven Dolls completely finished, and one doll in production.

Now before I go into each Doll in detail here is a little info on the project. I want to make all Ten Doctors (I’ll make Eleven when we see him in the series) as well as a couple companions / other Doctor Who Characters. I don’t know which ones I’ll make, but I kinda want a little Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones and my sister wants me to make Jamie.

Each doll has an actual body, meaning you could take off it’s cloths and have a naked Doctor. They’re not anatomically correct (if/when I get around to making Jack then that will change o_O ) But they all have little belly buttons, cause I thought it was cute.

When I was taking pictures of the Doctors my little sisters suggested putting something next to one to show how large they are… but we couldn’t find anything in the room that was easily recognizable… until I looked over at my Playstation 2. So here is the (unfinished) Fourth Doctor, next to a Guitar Hero Controller, so you can see how big they are!

Each doll is ROUGHLY the same size. There is a little variation in “height” and “weight”, but this is all due to the fact that I’m doing this by hand and I like finishing one doll before I start the next, so all comparisons I do to determine if I’m doing it right are thrown off a bit by the clothing and such.

Now on details of each doll!


The first Doctor doll I made, completed over January in 2009, while bored at home during Winter Break. This was the first “real” project I ever compelted in crochet, and I’m AMAZED at how well it turned out. Originally he was just wearing his blue suit, without a tie or trench coat, but when I made the Ninth Doctor I realized I’d gotten much better at clothing, so I stripped Ten and compeltly re-did his clothes, using all new yarn.

Ten’s outfit is based off his blue suit, cause that’s my favorite with his trench coat over it, cause I think he looks cute in his trench coat.

Ten wears a blue suit, with a white undershirt and red tie. Over it all is a brown trench coat.


The Ninth Doctor was born when I needed something to do with my hands while studying for Finals. My mom happened to be visiting me, and took me out to a Michales, where we came up with the idea of the Doctor Dolls.

For a long time the Ninth Doctor was lying in my room without a head because I didn’t have the eyes, and you can’t stuff or finish the body without putting the eyes in. Then for a long time he was sitting around with threads hanging off him, because I accidentally packed my scissors and couldn’t cut off the excess yarn.

Nine’s outfit is based off of almost any point in his run… since all that changed was what color his dark undershirt was. I chose blue to echo Ten’s outfit.

The Ninth Doctor has black pants, a dark blue shirt and black jacket.


I have two memories that stand out about making Eight. First of all was the colors… -_- it took me FOREVER to figure out what colors I wanted to use, and I actually exchanged emails with a few cosplayers to determin what the best colors would be. The second memory is me staring at the little guy’s head, trying to figure out how I was going to do his hair. With both Ten and Nine I just sewed over the top of the head, adding a little fringe for Ten… but for Eight I had to come up with a whole new method. What I ended up doing was basically adding a layer of “fringe” all along Eight’s head, then unraveling the yarn. This works really well, but is ANNOYING and takes FOREVER to do… so of course it’s the method I use for most of my dolls!

This should be obvious, but Eight’s outfit is from the Doctor Who movie.

The Eight Doctor has dark grey pants, a light grey vest, a wide tie in dark grey, white undershirt and black overcoat.


I technically did two Sevens. The first one I tried doing the same hair style as Nine, and ended up with a Doll that looked like Two, so that’s what he became. After I finished him, I went back to seven and did a combination of Nine and Eight to acchived the hairstyle I wanted. The hat helped a lot in making Seven’s hair look “right”

As with all my dolls, after finishing the body and hair (which includes hat) I crocheted Seven pants, before I even attempted to do his sweater.

The sweater is actually just cream, the same color as his hat. When I got that to the right size I cut out a few paper versions of his coat and sat down in front of my computer… after a few hours I had a pattern which I sewed on to the cream base. Only the top and bottom border of green are crocheted, the question marks and zig-zags. When I got that done I made the white undershirt and the jacket.

Seven’s outfit is based off various pictures found on Google, several talks with fans and cosplayers and the decision that a white jacket would look good with the darker colors of Ten, Nine and Eight.

The Seventh Doctor has grey pants, a question mark sweater, white undershirt, red tie, white coat and cream hat.


When I showed my mom my plans for the Doctor Dolls, she thought I was joking when she saw the plan for Six… I had to pull out my copy of “The Two Doctors” to prove to my mom and sisters that yes, that is how the sixth Doctor dresses.

As with all my dolls I finished Six’s pants first, doing a base of yellow and sewing on the black stripes. Then I made his undershirt, sewing on the red details with thread left over from Seven. Then it was time for the coat... the coat of DOOOM!

After all that I started out with the two front “collars” of the coat = the flipped up bits of yellow and pink. After doing that I flipped the Doctor over and made a paper mock up of his coat. With this I could just crochet to the paper, instead of constantly tyring to imagine it all fitting together. I started with the blue and worked outward, adding on each color and crocheting it all into a solid piece. It fits him a little odd because of how the sleves attach on, but I’m really happy with it…

And the best part? The COAT COMES OFF! You can actually take the coat off of six, where as most of the other Doctors have their coats somewhat sewn on to their shirts in order to make them look nicer.

I actually had a lot of fun making Six, even though he also has the hairstyle of DOOM…

Six’s outfit is a combination of talks with fans/cosplayers, dolls done by other people and watching “The Two Doctors” in slow motion, stopping every few seconds and scribbling out what the coat looked like. Since “The Two Doctors” is the only episode I have of Six, his coat is mostly drawn from the one in that episode and simplified somewhat. I was also limited by the yarn I could get my hands on.

The Sixth Doctor has yellow pants with black stripes, a white shirt, blue ribbon tie and a crazy rainbow coat.


The biggest problem for me with Five is his hair… I still haven’t gotten it the way I want it. In the picture I forgot to brush it back. When I brush it back so it’s behind his shoulders it looks a little better.

Five and Seven have very similar hats, with only a slight difference in the brims. His pants are a base of cream with red sewn in, where as his coat has red crocheted on and his coat sleeves are rolled back.

Like Six, Five can take off his coat and disply his sweater vest, which due to thickness of yarn doesn’t have sleves (it would have made his arms look fat)

Five’s outfit is taken from “The Five Doctors” since that is the only DVD I have with Five in his outfit (I also have Logopolis)

The Fifth Doctor has cream pants with red stripes, a white sweater vest with red and black accents, a white undershirt, cream hat with red stripe and a cream jacket with red embellishments… and he also has a stick of celery!


Right now the Fourth Doctor is without his coat and scarf! :( Poor Fourth Doctor.

So far the Fourth Doctor has speckled grey pants, which is done by having two shades of grey crocheted together… unfortunately, as one of my sisters pointed out, without his coat the pants make him look like he’s fat. -_-

His sweater is slightly simplified. Instead of having the tiny squares of cream and brown, I kept them larger so I wouldn’t go insane. His hat is based off of Seven and Five, but with a larger brim, and his hair is much like Seven, but longer.

I’m currently working on his jacket, which like Six and Five, will be removable. I’m still figuring out how to do a small version of his scarf, and any suggestions will be welcome. The Fourth Doctor’s outfit is based off of “The Genesis of the Daleks” and “Logopolis” so the scarf should either fit with those episodes or be a simplified scarf which is easily recognizable as the Doctors.

The Fourth Doctor wears grey pants, a cream and brown sweater, white undershirt and brown hat with a black band. He will have a brown coat and his crazy scarf…


Currently The Second Doctor is the “oldest’ Doll I’ve completed. I was making the dolls in reverse order ( = starting with ten and working my way down ) when I got to the Seventh Doctor.

The first time I tried to make Seven, I made his hair like Nine and found that he didn’t look like Seven… he looked like Two!

So I pulled out my yarn and turned him into the Second Doctor. He was probably the doctor which I finished fastest… and for some reason, this is the one which my little sister Eleanor likes the best… I’m actually afraid that she’ll steal him from me! *grabs Two* MY DOCTOR DOLL!

His outfit is taken from “The Three Doctors”, “The Five Doctors” and “The Two Doctors”… cause those are the ones I own, and I got them in that order. I actually kinda wanna cosplay as the Second Doctor, because I could pull it off (I have the same hair, just a bit longer) and I have a friend who could pull off the Third Doctor if we whitened her hair… she has crazy fluffy curly hair… she could even cosplay as the Fourth Doctor without needing to mess with her hair at all… ITS THAT CRAZY.

The Second Doctor has light grey pants, a blue shirt with a black bowtie, white suspenders (Can’t really see them in photo) and a black coat.

Second to last is a little project I did when I was bored and didn’t have the right yarn to work on my Doctor Dolls. ( I was making Nine’s body and ran out of my flew colored yarn) I allready posted this, but I decided to re-post it with all my dolls...


For comparison, here is Four standing next to the little TARDIS. This time traveling ship started out as a blanket for Ten which I was making out of leftover yarn… but one day I realized I could turn it into a little plushie. The TARDIS was stuffed and all the details added in a period of roughly four hours in a single day.

The best thing about my Mini TARDIS is something that happened when I was taking these photos. My little sisters, Charlotte and Eleanor, were watching as I took pictures and handing me the Doctor Dolls.

Over the past week I’ve been introducing my sisters to Doctor Who, and I’m proud to say that I’ve got them hooked! Eleanor actually helped me unravel the yarn for Four’s hair and both Eleanor and Charlotte have helped me make decisions about how to do the Doctor’s outfits.

So the two little girls knew what all these dolls where. I was putting four next to the Mini TARDIS when Charlotte said “Too bad it’s not the right size… for the Dolls.”

I was about to make some comment about how I’d like to make a storage box for my dolls that looked like the TARDIS, but before I could Eleanor said. “It’s bigger on the inside!”

I almost died laughing!


I present two pictures of my all my (finished) dolls. First is one of them all lined up on our couch. Four isn’t there cause he’s off to one side being worked on and thus has nerbils of yarn all over him.

Second is a picture which shows how my Doctor Dolls spend their days. In the living room of the house were living in for the summer there’s a broken book shelf with only one actual shelf in it. My Mom is going to a school for Social Work, so she’s put the books she needs but isn’t currently reading on that shelf. Since the bookshelf is next to our TV, my yarn and crochet supplies have taken up residence in front of the shelf, between it and the couch. ( I think the yarn has started to breed… 0_0 )

Originally I the Doctors sitting next to me on the couch, but with the arrival of my little sisters we needed the room, so I had to move them and decided to put them on top of mom’s books!

I think they look cute all sitting there… even though I’m almost out of room and don’t know how I’m going to fit them all in… the only downside is that in the dark they look a little creepy and they’re facing a window which has a light outside it, so sometimes light reflects off their eyes and they look alive…

I think it was because of this that I had a dream last night where I was leading an army of Doctor Who Dolls through the city… -_0

So what do you think?


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Love them!!! <3 Found your blog via Mental Floss's link to your page on their page... :-)

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I can't even breathe this is so awesome. GREAT JOB!!!!!

Natasha said...

O...M...G... YOU MUST SHOW ME YOUR PATTERN FOR THE 10TH DOCTOR!!! I'm going to make him as Christmas gifts for some of my friends. ^_^ And one for me... >.>